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Our teachers create individual programms, taking into account Special Educational Needs of our studentsA wide range of educational programms for different levels and needs

We offer as standard language programms as specific programms like professional English, preparation to interviews, speaking/writing/grammar courses, IELTS/CAE/FCE etc. preparation and so on

We teach via Skype. Our students and teachers live all over Estonia and the Globe. The Internet helps you to choose the most suitable teacher
Pleasant English is the first school in Estonia that has begun to use Cambridge Learning Management System. All the learning material in our school correspond to the requirement of the European Language Portfolio
Our teachers as teachers around the world are following The Communicative Language Teaching (CLT) (also known as the Communicative Approach (CA). CLT was developed during the 1970s by the Council of Europe. This method is a more recent phenomenon that comprises all sorts of techniques from different methods.
Communicative Language Teaching is the method of choice. CLT does not teach about language; rather, it teaches language. It is often seeks to recreate real-life social and functional situations in the classroom to guide students toward communicative competence.
The linguistic accuracy is not as important in the Communicative classroom. Teachers avoid upsetting their students by requiring them to identify or recognise nouns, verbs, or direct objects; instead, they guide them to second language proficiency by employing “the PPP” lesson shape — presentation, practice, and production. Teachers present the target language via everyday situations; they give students time to practice the language via structured situational dialogues; and, finally, they step aside for students’ production of the language—the phase in which they are able to function independently in the target language. Grammar has recently made a comeback in CLT and teachers now incorporate grammar in their lessons.
The student is the centre of the class and the teacher is a guide or a facilitator.
our standard lesson is 45 minutes

„I’ve been learning English since my schooltime but I’ve started to speak only with the help of your teachers! Thanks”

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